Swimming pools eventually require renovation or resurfacing.

Pool plastering is not a do-it-yourself project. To complete the job properly and effectively, you need specialized tools, training, and manpower. Z&Z Pools combines the troweling, concrete and construction skills with the resources to handle any challenge. We offer a broad selection of finishes, including Quartz, Pebble and Glass Bead, and are happy to assist you. Along with pool plaster repair and remarcite, Z&Z Pools provides deck resurfacing, paver installation, coping, tile installation and more, in South Houston and throughout Texas.

Are you having issues with:

  • Crazing – A network of spider-like cracks appearing in concrete caused by the contraction of the surface layer during the curing process.
  • Non-structural cracks – A crack in the interior surface layer.
  • Structural cracks – A crack running more than a linear foot or two, running the width or length of the pool or segmenting an entire section of the pool is potentially a structural crack.
  • Delaminating – The division of layers or lack of a sufficient bond between the plaster and the shell.  

Our team can help with a variety of pool repair needs!

Rely on the professionals from Z&Z Pools for:

  • Remarcite – An entire surface refinishing when the pool becomes too damaged or weak
  • Plaster Repair – For smaller areas
  • Selection of Quality Finishes – Choose from Quartz, Pebble and Glass Bead finishes
  • Deck Resurfacing – Consider Kool Deck and Acrylic to restore beauty and function
  • Paver Installation – Let us complete your remodeling project for maximum impact and enjoyment

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