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Coping completes the look of the pool. Integrity of materials and installation impacts value, longevity and your overall satisfaction. Contact Z&Z Pools at 832-660-3386 for higher standards of job performance throughout Texas. We offer personalized service and take the time to meet your goals, budgets and highest expectations. With the ideal choice, the coping identifies the separation of pool and patio, and minimizes the chances of slips, falls or accidents. It protects against pool water damaging the patio, while beautifying the area. At Z&Z Pools, we resolve all challenges, from new installation to recoping, delivering an end result you’ll be totally happy with for years to come.

Consider some of the following pool coping options:

  • Natural Stone- For a natural look, flagstone, limestone and a variety of natural stones offer a warm texture and compliment the surrounding landscape.
  • Poured Concrete – The seamless surface created by poured concrete between coping and pool deck creates a clean, modern look.
  • Precast Concrete – Popular and affordable, precast concrete offers a versatility of options.

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